Auto stretching machine with mobile application


Reflexo is a personalized leg stretching solution for people who suffered from tight calf, foot pain and blood circulation problems. It consists of machine and application. It makes people feel great calf relieving stress, ache and pains at their own convenience.

Stretching |

The machine extends Achilles and Calf Muscles. Just simply place your leg inside the machine then, Reflexo stretches your Achilles to Calves automatically.

Rolling massage |

Reflexo also provide calf massage. It is good to relax tight calf with stretching. You can use massage and stretching together or separately.

Check your result |

Mobile application connected with Reflexo collects your stretching data while you use the machine. Then show your result in the application.

Mobile application

After finishing stretching, you can check your own data through the mobile application. The strength of stretching is updated based on these personal data.

Connectivity |

You can use Reflexo byt connecting to your mobile device. Reflexo utilizes Bluetooth technology to get users up and running quickly and securely.

Easy View |

Quick and easy-to-read views show your personalized stretching data that are proven to improve your health. You can check your flexibility, calf muscle tension and balance.

| Muscle Tension

You can compare before and after change of muscle tension and track your improvement, how much relax your calf muscle tension after stretching.

| Flexibility

You can check how flexible you are in your age group. Also you can check difference between flexibility of left side and right side.

| Balance

Based on the balance of muscle tone and flexibility of Achiles tendon, you can check your whole body balance.

JE Lab

Our company vision is to be a global leader in health lifestyle products specialized in stretching.
We start with calf stretching solution, Reflexo-C. And then we will release all parts of body streching solution like wrist, kneck, knee etc and devlop also a stretching chair.